Backyard Fire Pit

A Fire Pit Can Be The Focal Point of Your Patio... Create an inviting area in your backyard for a fire pit. A wonderful place to relax and entertain. By Camden Landscape Group Greensboro - See more Home Design Photos A fire pit can add warmth and light to your backyard. A fire pit can [...]

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Taking The Party Outside…

Outdoor Living Has Come a Long Way From The Traditional Charcoal Grill! Patio's That Enhance Your Home As the weather continues to warm, so does our desire to be outside. Fortunately, outdoor living has come a long way from the traditional charcoal grill and fold-up lawn [...]

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New Front Yard Walkway

New Walkway Can Change The Entire Look of Your Home... Invite People to Your Front Door. Curb Appeal... How this new walkway changed the appearance of the wonderful home. Hardscapes That Beautify Your Home A new walkway can dramatically change the appearance of the front of your home. It [...]

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