Landscaping For Beginners… Creative Backyard Landscaping Ideas For Fun

You have your whole yard to fill up beautifully with mulch, gravel, lighting, stones, flowers, trees, walls, and shrubbery… but where in the world do you start?

Actually the first place to start is with your budget. What kind of realistic budget are you willing to dedicate to your landscaping project.

If you are only considering a few hundred dollars then annual color beds are a great place to start. Many homeowners have taken their landscaping ideas to the next level just by planting annual and perennial flower beds that bloom seasonally. These beds add color and vibrance to any landscape and done correctly can make big statements in the landscape. Annual color beds are cheap and simple landscaping ideas that anyone can do.

If your budget allows for more expensive things like hardscapes or stepping-stones or stacked walls, then there are thousands of landscaping ideas you can find in local libraries or on the internet for simple backyard landscaping ideas.

But for most people I think a place to enjoy family and friends starts with a beautiful landscaped patio or deck. If you in fact are looking for landscaping ideas for the back yard. Adding a new stamped concrete patio is less expensive than pavers or bricks yet still adds great functionality to the space. Many people carry their landscaping ideas further with full outdoor kitchens and fireplaces.

The sound of water comes up many times when people are looking for landscaping ideas. The soothing sound of running water is just something that goes hand in hand with a relaxing outdoor space. Coupled with good friends on a pleasant summer night, the smell of steaks on the grill, laughter… all the thought put into your landscaping ideas have come to life.

Great landscaping ideas can be found everywhere. Just like this one below… a barefoot patio. Just keep looking until you find the one’s that appeal to you. Then make a file and save them. When the time comes to work with a Landscape Contractor like Camden Landscape Group, it will be easier to make your great landscaping ideas a reality.

Landscaping Ideas… Using Annuals For Vibrance

Landscaping Ideas Annual Color

While you are assembling all of your great landscaping ideas… don’t leave out annual color beds. They add color and vibrance to any landscape and you get a huge bang for the buck. And annual beds can be included in your do it yourself landscaping.

Landscaping Ideas Stamped Concrete

This stamped concrete patio was a great idea and add functionality to the outdoor space without the cost of pavers.

Landscaping Ideas Water Feature

This homeowners landscaping ideas included the soothing sound of water, next to their outdoor kitchen.

Simple Landscaping Ideas…

Landscaping Ideas
Landscaping Ideas
Landscaping Ideas
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