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Lawn Care, Landscaping and Landscape Maintenance Smart Ideas…

Landscape Drainage… Moving Water Away From Your Home

Landscape Drainage Systems… The Importance of Proper Drainage Standing Water Is A Real Killer... Landscape Drainage Ideas To Move Water If you are looking at your yard and thinking a “River Runs through It” you are not by yourself.  With our recent rains many [...]

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Liven up Your Landscape with A Perennial Garden

Liven up Your Landscape with A Perennial Garden Perennial's... Creating Year Round Color For Your Home The use of perennial flowers is a great way to add color to your landscape. Perennials are flowers that bloom every year without you having to replant them. Perennials [...]

Backyard Fire Pit

A Fire Pit Can Be The Focal Point of Your Patio... Create an inviting area in your backyard for a fire pit. A wonderful place to relax and entertain. By Camden Landscape Group Greensboro - See more Home Design Photos A fire pit can add warmth and light to your [...]

  • Landscape Maintenance Services

Landscape Maintenance Service – Caring For Your Lawn

Lawn Care and Landscape Maintenance Services... Caring For Your Lawn Landscape Maintenance - Taking Your Landscape Seriously Care for your landscape and regular landscape maintenance should be something that you take seriously. After all, it beautifies your home, increases your home’s value and can [...]

Container Gardening

Container Gardening Container Gardening Tips For Newbie's Container gardens can create a natural sanctuary in a busy city street, along rooftops or on balconies. You can easily accentuate the welcoming look of a deck or patio with colorful pots of annuals, or fill your window [...]

Butterfly Gardening

Butterfly Gardening... Attracting Butterfly's to Your Landscape What is butterfly gardening? Simply put butterfly gardening is the art of growing flowers and plants that will attract these colorful and dainty creatures to your garden. Delight your family and visitors with beautiful butterflies, but be sure [...]

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