Lawn and Landscape Drainage Problems… Moving Water Away From Your Home

Sometimes When Water Runs Downhill It Could Damage Your Home’s Foundation

Landscape Drainage Problems Are Not Unusual With Today’s New Construction On Flat Lots…

We all know that water runs down hill, usually to storm drains or to creeks and ditches then on down to rivers, unless your have a problem with landscape drainage and then it can get trapped around your home.

Surface Landscape Drainage Problems…

Soggy lawn areas and standing water in your yard indicates a serious landscape drainage problem which is very common. Here in the Triad our heavy compacted clay soils prevent water from filtering down through the different soil layers causing landscape drainage problems when the water becomes trapped and cannot run off .  It will pool or pond. The location of the pools can be right next to the foundation of your home but, hopefully out in the yard somewhere not as close to the house.

Either way issues with lawn and landscape drainage will cause damage.

Standing water can damage the foundation of your home as well as cause disease and death to your landscape plants and grasses. Not to mention that standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

The key to correcting a landscape drainage problem can be a difficult task. Especially in today’s climate with new home developments on flat lots. Water cannot flow downhill when the grade on the lot does not have enough fall to the street or storm drain.  And it winds up trapped around your home.

We Move Water Away From Your Home

Correcting Landscape Drainage Problems

Landscape Drainage

Standing or Trapped Water Seeps Into A Perforated Pipe & Is Carried Away

Cover with gravel and re-seed or sod.

What was a muddy back yard is now a dry place that the dogs can play and enjoy!

Landscape Drainage Problems

Sub-Surface Landscape Drainage Problems and Solutions

Subsurface landscape drainage systems have many different names, including foundation drainage systems, subsoil drainage systems, sub-base drainage systems, or sub grade drainage systems, but they all do the same thing: remove water and lower the water table away from a building foundation wall or from under a slab.

Areas with excess subsurface water can be identified by wet spongy areas in your lawn or as in the photos below in a playground.

Also water standing on the surface, even when there has been no rain or irrigation, is an indication of a subsurface landscape drainage problem.

Sub-surface water is an area underground that literally traps water in – for example – an underground bowl. These areas can be caused by several reasons and are much more difficult to correct. Intercepting and moving this water can be handled thru various drain systems as indicated by the chart below.

If you have or suspect that you have a landscape drainage issue around your home or yard give us a call, we will find a workable solution for you.

Herring Bone Pattern Corrects Landscape Drainage Problems In A School Playground.

We move water... Camden Landscape Group

Children had not been able to play on this playground for several years do to sub surface standing water, caused by grading during new construction. Installing a herringbone drainage system solved their problem with no re-occurring drainage problems.

Landscape Drainage

If you constantly experience “soggy” ground even during dry spells… give us a call. You most likely have a sub-surface landscape drainage problem.

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