Hardscaping… Landscaping Ideas With Walks, Walls, Patio’s and Fire Pit’s To Create Outdoor Retreats For Relaxation, Fun and Entertaining

Bringing the Inside Outside. . .Increasing Your Living Space

Landscaping To Beautify You Home

Camden Landscape Group provides a full range of hardscape installations, from the simplest walking path to detailed multilevel patios and walls.

Hardscaping can be one small birdbath in your back garden, or a series of paths in natural stone winding through the woods, crossing bridges over small streams, and ending in a tremendous plaza with fountains. Or anything in between. Nothing is too large or too small!

Hardscaping can turn your yard into an inviting set of places to stroll or sit. It can offer steps down to the dock… a bench under a shady tree… or a smooth path to your front door!

Hardscaping plays a key role in your home’s landscape. Besides serving as decorative elements, it creates order, making gardens more usable. Walks welcome and direct people, walls delineate public and private areas and patios create outdoor rooms for entertaining and lounging.

Hardscaping... Patio

Hardscaping… Patio’s

No other outdoor structure comes in as many forms as a patio. From a simple slab to a modern, multitier installation, patios expand your living space to the outdoors and add a relaxed dimension to your lifestyle.

Patios provide a place where families can retreat from the pressures of the working world and enjoy a slice of the outdoors. With a patio indulging in an outdoor retreat is simply a matter of stepping out the back door.

Fire Pit
Hardscaping For Beauty and Pleasure

Landscaping With Walks, Walls and Patio’s…

Hardscapes play a key roll in a home landscape. Besides serving as a decorative element to the landscape they also create order and make out of doors spaces more usable.

Walks welcome and direct people. Walls delineate public and private areas and patio’s create outdoor rooms for entertaining.

Walks and Pathways

Pathways and walks link areas that you use often such as routes from the front to the back door, to parking spaces, or the vegetable plot. Creative paths lead you through your landscape.

Paths and walkways are also perfect in your landscape for redirecting your family’s feet off your manicured lawn. If the best shortcut to the front door happens be straight through the front yard, you might as well create a path for people to walk on. Otherwise, the lawn is going to be destroyed anyway.

Hardscapes also add a new dynamic to your landscape. Paths and walkways give a calm, welcoming effect to your yard or garden, almost as if to say, “good things await you if you follow this path.”

Hardscapes... walkways in the landscape

 Fire Pit’s… creating a cozy space for relaxation.

Adding a fire pit to your landscape creates a wonderful relaxing way to enjoy fun with friends and family. From roasting marsh mellows to just enjoying sitting around a fire on a cool summer evening. Add one to your landscape today!

Landscaping Ideas with Walls

Landscape garden walls help define outdoor spaces and give order to a landscape. They also have practical benefits, such as providing privacy, acting as a windbreak, and holding back soil to stop erosion or make gardening easier. Or simply defining different areas of the landscape.

Walls add a powerful sense of shelter to a landscape. The make large open spaces more intimate and they work the same magic on small spaces when they screen out street noise and views. The  materials you choose go a long way in making your landscape look tidy and formal or relaxed and rustic… or anything in between

Hardscapes ... landscape retaining wall

Hardscaping… Landscaping With A Retaining Wall

This wall provided a much needed wall to terrace a steep front yard landscape.


Hardscaping… Landscaping With Walls and Pavers

With a sloped front yard this low wall gave the homeowner the ability to replace a narrow concrete sidewalk with a beautiful sidewalk of landscape pavers.

Hardscapes... landscape wall

Hardscaping… Defining A Landscape Perimeter

This wall provided a foundation for the perimeter planting of the home owners back yard landscape.

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