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Caring For Your Lawn

Landscape Maintenance – Taking Your Landscape Seriously

Care for your landscape and regular landscape maintenance should be something that you take seriously. After all, it beautifies your home, increases your home’s value and can even save you money on energy.

Once of the most important aspects of good landscape maintenance is lawn mowing, but there is more to it than just cranking up the old mower and zipping around the yard. Proper lawn mowing along with adequate water are the two most important things that you do for your lawn if you want a lush green lawn to compliment your landscape.  The average homeowner spends approximately 80 hours a year on lawn maintenance if they are not using professional landscape maintenance services.

While lawn mowing may seem easy, every time you mow you are opening up your lawn for success or failure. When you mow correctly your lawn will grow healthy, be drought-tolerant and thick enough to crowd out the most aggressive weeds. Mow wrong and your grass will struggle to survive.

Homeowners with busy schedules may find it difficult to give their lawn the adequate care that it needs and may not have the knowledge or equipment to do the job effectively. Some of the most costly lawn mowing mistakes that homeowners make is:

  1. mowing the grass too short
  2. not mowing often enough,

Both of which can open up their lawn to weeds and disease problems.

Busy homeowners not using professional landscape maintenance services may find themselves short on time when it comes to lawn mowing and end up not mowing often enough and making the serious mistake of scalping their lawn by mowing it too short.

Lawns that are mowed too short tend to be weak with exposed soil which contributes to the success of weed growth in the lawn. It will also allow sunlight to the weed seedling and gives them a growth boost. Mowing too short will cause the lawn to have a poorly developed root system and makes the grass more susceptible to death by drought and high temperatures.

Don’t skip weekly lawn mowing! While skipping a mowing may seem harmless it can cause more damage because it allows the lawn to grow tall and shaggy instead of dense and thick, which also can open the door for weed invasion.  Landscape maintenance schedules for all your Fescue lawn can be found here.

Scheduling Landscape Maintenance Services

Landscape maintenance services and lawn mowing should be scheduled on a regular weekly basis to maintain your lawn and landscape in beautiful and healthy shape.

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